A sound strategy and proven investment models are nothing without the talented people to provide management and direction. The Leuthold Weeden Capital Management team is a close-knit group of experienced professionals, committed to superior investment products and exceptional client service.


Jeff Leadholm - Co-CEO

Jeff serves as Co-CEO and focuses his energy on the institutional research side of the business.

John serves as Co-CEO and spends the majority of his time on the asset management side of the business.

Co-Portfolio Managers / Senior Analysts

Doug Ramsey, CFA, CMT - Chief Investment Officer

Doug is the Chief Investment Officer of The Leuthold Group, LLC. He is a Co-Portfolio Manager of the Leuthold Core Investment Fund and the Leuthold Global Fund.

Scott Opsal, CFA - Director of Research

Scott is Director of Research for The Leuthold Group, LLC. His responsibilities include conducting in-depth research projects and exploring fundamental and quantitative studies that support the firm’s portfolio and strategy recommendations.

Greg Swenson, CFA - Co-Portfolio Manager

Greg is a Senior Analyst and Co-Portfolio Manager for the Grizzly Short Fund, Leuthold Core Investment Fund, Leuthold Global Fund, Leuthold Global Industries Fund, and Leuthold Select Industries Fund.

Chun Wang, CFA, PRM - Co-Portfolio Manager

Chun is a Senior Analyst and Co-Portfolio Manager for the Leuthold Global Fund, Leuthold Core Investment Fund, Leuthold Select Industries Fund and Leuthold Global Industries Fund.

Jun Zhu, CFA - Co-Portfolio Manager

Jun is a Co-Portfolio Manager for the Leuthold Core Investment Fund and a Senior Analyst at The Leuthold Group, LLC.

Kristen Hendrickson, CFA - Co-Portfolio Manager

Kristen is a Co-Portfolio Manager for the Grizzly Short Fund and a Senior Research Analyst with The Leuthold Group.


Bill Peterson, CFA - Senior Vice President – Institutional Asset Management

Bill markets our investment products to institutional clients.

Paula S. Mikl - Senior Vice President

Paula has responsibilities integrated across both the research and asset management divisions of the firm.

Ben Mitchell, CIMA - Managing Director

Ben is responsible for managing the relationships with brokerage firms in addition to working with independent advisors and other intermediaries on a more limited basis.

Marty Owens, CFA - Vice President

Marty focuses primarily on sales, marketing and client relationships with our institutional research clients.

Hilary Sweeney, CFP® - Vice President

Hilary focuses primarily on sales, marketing, and client relationships with our asset management clients.

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