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Leuthold Weeden Capital Management is a global investment manager founded in 1987 by Steven C. Leuthold. Recognized as a pioneer in tactical asset allocation, our flexible flagship strategy has a 25 year track record. We are employee-owned with a heritage of independent research and a philosophy that stresses quantitative measures of value combined with recognition of fundamental and technical trends. Our investment approach is disciplined, unemotional, and at times contrarian. We offer mutual funds and separately managed accounts across several strategies, including domestic and global tactical asset allocation, as well as long and short equity mandates.

Market Commentary

April 27, 2017

Doug Ramsey provides First Quarter Commentary and Outlook. Please click here.

Leuthold In the Media

In Dot-Com Bubble Time, It's Still Only 1997 for U.S. Equities

Bloomberg Online - April 26. 2017
Doug Ramsey discusses stock market valuations compared to the days of Internet mania.

Chun Wang featured on Chuck Jaffe's MoneyLife Show "Big Interview"

MoneyLife Radio - February 24, 2017

Chun Wang, Leuthold Portfolio Manager, talks with Chuck Jaffe of MoneyLife Radio about our currently bullish market stance.

Why Janet Yellen's Rate Hike May Not Save the Economy from Trump-flation

Fortune - December 14, 2016

Doug Ramsey discusses the Fed's interest rate decisions.

Will More Stimulus Spending Spur Gains

Bloomberg TV - December 8, 2016

Leuthod's CIO Doug Ramsey discusses his market outlook wiht Julie Hyman of Bloomberg and says he thinks things looks good for the next four to six months.

Chuck Jaffe - Big Interview with Scott Opsal

MoneyLife Radio - December 1, 2016

Scott Opsal, Director of Research, discusses current outlook on markets and industry sectors.

50 Years of Abnormal Bond Moves Behind One Bull Case for Stocks

Bloomberg - October 12, 2016

The Leuthoold Group examines the imbalance in stock and bond prices going back half a century.

Leuthold's Ramsey Sees Smooth Sailing for stocks in 2017

Bloomberg TV - October 10, 2016

Doug Ramsey. Chief Investment Officer at The Leuthold Group, discusses low volatility and explains why he doesn't see market risks from U.S. election, Federal Reseerve, or Brexit.

It's a Bad Time to Invest in S&P 500 Index Funds

Kiplingers Personal Finance - September 15, 2016

Scott Opsal, Director of Research, provides insights into active vs. passive management.

Leuthold Core Investment Fund (LCORX/LCRIX) Profile

Mutual Fund Observer - March 21, 2016

The Mutual Fund Observer recently published a fund profile for the Leuthold Core Investment Fund.

In a Global Economy, Choose Industries, Not Countries By Matt Paschke, CFA

NAPFA Advisor - April 2014

Most advisors build their global equity portfolios by choosing allocations to the U.S., non-U.S. developed, emerging and frontier markets. But advisors may want to consider a different idea: focus on industries, rather than countries. Here's why.

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